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The Roofing Services That We Offer

As your neighborhood Storm Repair specialist, Dynasty Roofing and Restoration LLC isn't going anywhere. You can have peace of mind when we work on your home.  We stand behind our work because we care about our reputation. We have been bringing satisfactory roof installs, and repairs to our customers in San Antonio, and surrounding areas. The quality work done by our Crew is a testimony to the many years of experience, so no need to Stress about your roof being installed by unexperienced roofers.

We have the experience of not only knowing your roof covering but the structural components that support that roof. With over 25 years of experience in the structural part of what's under that roof we could point underlaying problems that might affect your new roof. We do this because we look out for our customers, and want our roofs installed properly.

But we don't stop their. Our services include Siding, Gutters, and Restoration. We have the knowledge and the right tools, to satisfy the needs of our customers. When you hire Dynasty Roofing and Restoration you are not only hiring another Company, you are hiring someone who will inform and help you make the right choice for you Home.

Roof Replacement

When it comes to roof replacements, we want to know whats under that old roof. We make sure your roof will have a strong foundation in order to stand against those storms.

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Storm Repairs

While Tornadoes do not happen often in our area, San Antoino Storms can have a big impact on your roof. We are quick to respond with an emergency repair. We will then make a thorough assessment of the damage and provide you with the best options you have for your home. Our focus is to protect your loved ones and your possessions from the next Storm.  

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Roof Repair

Just looking for a roof repair? We here at dynasty look forward to fixing the problem. Having the knowledge of how water flows weather down or up is vital when it comes to finding a roof leak. The pros at Dynasty Roofing and Restoration will solve your roof problem. 

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Awards & Affiliates

Every Job Deserves the best. We have a strong Driven service attitude and desire to give you the Best. Every aspect of your roof matters, and that is why we take our time starting from the first Visit, or first Call. 

What Dynasty Roofing and Restoration Can Assure You

Affordable Pricing
Speed and effeciency
Material and workmanship warranties
Respectfull roofers
Long-lasting roofs
Professional roofers
Responsive Customer Service
Quality product
Great looking Roofs
Roofer doing final touch

Our Projects

Each of our customer have different needs, just like every roof has its own needs. Our Projects require Different tools and a differnt set of skills. Dynasty Roofing and Restoration has both. We know and have what it takes to get each job done according to its needs. 

Client's Reviews

Get a Free Estimate Today

Our roofing experts here at Dynasty Roofing and Restoration are able to get your estimate done within 24 hours or less. We know what it will take to get your roof up to Code so our estimates will include the right components. Our roofs Stand out in our San Antonio Community. Why, because it all starts with a good inspection and an accurate Estimate of what you roof will need. 



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