Roof Replacement

A new Roof Replacement can be expensive. Dynasty Roofing and Restoration will get you a new quality roof without the big expense. 

What We Do

It's important to have the right tools whether it's for a small roof or big roof. Dynasty Roofing and Restoration Knows what it takes to do the job. When we do a full Roof Replacement, we understand it could be a stressful time for our customers. We understand that their property is very important to them, and it should be. We strive to keep your property clean while the work is getting done. That is why we will refund a certain amount if any Debris is left behind. learn more below.



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The Services That We Offer

Looking for a fresh look for your roof? Looking into more efficient roof coverings. Dynasty is ready to listen. When it comes to making your home more efficient, or just wanting to give it a fresher look, we would love to be part of it. Let us show you options and give suggestions for your next roof. Let's Get Started. 

Shingle Roofs

Asphalt Shingle are the tried and true standard for residential roofing all across America. As an Atlas Roofing Preferred Contractor, Dynasty Roofing and Restoration has installed hundreds of beautiful asphalt roofs all over the San Antonio and Hill Country area and we look forward to helping you next. 

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Tile Roofs

Looking for a total different look? How about a Tile Roof on your home.  Known for their distinctive and beautiful look Dynasty roofing professionals makes it look easy to install these roofs.  

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Flat Roofs

Flat roofs have come a long way. With modern technology, they have become more leak proof, durable and stylish than ever before. With a number of modern options, Dynasty and Restoration can help you with the best option for your project. 

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Metal Roofs

Give your home an eye-catching makeover with a metal roof installed by Dynasty Roofing and Restoration. Choose from steel, aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel for a unique look.

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New Installation
Call Dynasty roofing today for your new roof. We keep up with the newest building codes, and newest building inovations.
Your roof will need some love and care. We want your roof to look great for a long time. Call us for our maintenance program.
Roof Repairs
We know that even our well installed roofs will be affected by San Antonio's rain storms. We are only a call away for any type of repairs. 

Got more questions? Message us for inquiries.

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