You suspect you might need a new roof, and rightly so since the San Antonio Texas Sun can have a brutal effect on your roof. You are worried about the cost of a new roof. Here are some Signs that you can look for before deciding whether you need a new roof.

  1. If you know how old your roof is then you already know you might need a new one depending on the existing materials. A 3-tab shingle can give you up to 22 years if well maintained and of course not exposed to a hail storm or winds over max specs. Architectural can give you up to 30 years. So if you are close to or passed those years it might be time to get a roof inspection even though you haven't noticed any shingles on your lawn after a storm.
  2. look for water stains on your ceilings, some might be small enough that you have not really paid attention to them. you can also walk around the perimeter of your home and look for any water stains on your overhang soffit, or ceiling. It might be a sign that you have bad or missing shingles in that area. Not getting to the root of this can cause wood sheathing damage and structural damage.
  3. After any storm, especially when winds are involved look for shingles in your lawn, street, or even your neighbor's lawn. Winds can carry a shingle or part of a shingle quite a distance.
  4. The following signs will have to be observed by climbing on your roof, so we advise that someone with the experience does so safely.
  5. Look for excessive shingle granule loss in your gutters, especially after a storm.  Granules are not only for looks, but it provides top-layer protection for your shingles.
  6. Missing shingles are the obvious sign that you might need a new roof. Several missing shingles can be a sign that the overall roof covering has lost its integrity. But a complete roof inspection should still be done by a professional, you might just be surprised and only have to do some repairs in the meantime, Saving you thousand of Dollars

7. Lifted shingle tabs can be a sign that your shingle under seal has been broken. This is many times due to the life span of your shingles. You may use a roof sealant to keep these from lifting again, but eventually, you will notice the rest of your shingles might begin to do this. Unfortunately, if this is the case it might be time for a new roof.

We hope that his information will help help you be alert to the needs of your roof. Dynasty Roofing and Restoration advises you that before making a decision on whether you need a new roof or not, hire a professional roofing contractor that can give you a full inspection. Do not agree to anything at this stage. You should get 3 Estimates and compare what components are being replaced. Take your time to make the right choices in materials, colors, and the roofing company that you will chose. This is a very big, and important investment. Make an appointment on our contact page for your inspection.